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No Child Left Behind Act: The Impact On School Personnel

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|No Child Left behind Act: |
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|The impact on school personnel |
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|11/20/2012 |
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School board members must hire administrators who have the expertise to improve student learning and make the district successful. School board members must become knowledgeable about effective teaching methods and research-based curricula. The good news is that there is finally a way to draw attention to what does not work and to fix it. Teachers who want to teach a solid curriculum will have that curriculum. Teachers who need training they did not receive in college will receive that training.

What is the No child Left Behind Act?

As we grow up in the world today, we see that we have to be competitive academically to get a job in the real world. In order for Americans to compete, we have to re-establish our standards for the leaders of tomorrow, our youth. During Bush’s first term, he passed an education law to implement new, tougher testing standards as well as requirements for accountability on the states. Basically each year students have to improve better than last year’s students ultimately making the goal of 100% passing of the standardize tests a reality. This law is called the No child Left Behind Act.

What are the repercussions of not following this Act?

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is how the U.S. Department of Education determines the performance of every public school and school district in the country academically according to results on the standardized tests. If the school’s results are repeatedly poor, steps are taken to improve the school. If a school miss AYP for a second time, they are publicly labeled as being “in need of improvement” and are required to develop a two-year improvement plan for the subject that the school is not teaching well. Students are also given the option to transfer to a better school. If they miss the requirements for the third time, the school has to offer free tutoring and other services to struggling students. If they miss it for a fourth time, the school is labeled as requiring “corrective action” this could involve replacement of staff, new curriculum or extending the amount of time students spend in class. A fifth time of failure results in planning to restructure the entire school. If it doesn’t work and fail again some options would be to close the school, turn it into a charter school, hiring a private company to run the school, or asking the state office of education to run the school directly.

How the act affects Teachers

K-3 teachers must teach all children to read. These teachers must learn how to assess children and how to use assessment results to plan effective instruction. If a child is not making progress with one method of instruction, the teacher must use a different, more appropriate method. ("No Child Left Behind Act 2001" 15-21)Teachers must use research-based methods of teaching and be knowledgeable about phonemic awareness and phonics. Many teacher-training programs do not require students to be knowledgeable about research-based...

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