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„Nike Says Time To Team Up"

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The article „Nike says Time to Team up” was published in the Journal of Corporate Citizenship in Autumn 2005, written by Jem Bendell from Auckland University of Technology The text deals with the challenge of Corporate Social Responsibility, being progressively reflected and implemented by Nike´s Management. Nike, as many other companies, outsources the production in different countries (for example Vietnam), which lowers costs and makes it possible to sell products for cheap all over the world. However, the employees in the factories are suffering from bad working conditions, including very low wages, prohibitions to go to the toilet and drink water during the workday. These conditions are ...view middle of the document...

Textile companies are nowadays having production factories all over the world, with different legal and political conditions in different countries. In order to control and secure working conditions in every part, a new approach needs to be considered. This new approach needs a new strategy and a new leadership model. The comprehension of leadership was basically to lead employees to attain the goal towards the company. Today, it is necessary to open the leadership or to decentralize it. Rigid boundaries

need to be abolished to enable a close collaboration along supply chains to resolve the problems. Consequential Nike’s second challenge. Supply chain management has to and even should be presented to itself and competitors. So that companies are able to keep the signals to aim a sustainable and to ensure a financially viable way. Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that „Consumers are not rewarding us for investments in improved social performance in supply chains.“ Social performance and responsibility are definitely becoming more important in today´s world. Consumers even start to question and expect a certain attitude from companies. But still, especially in textile business, the price and design are the most convincing arguments. Consumers want to pay for cool brands with the newest design, and a price that is not above the one of the competitor. So, people do not yet by products because of their social background, but this may change in the future. What does it mean to have an industry open-system approach to social responsibility? What parties are involved? Who are the stakeholders? Nike’s management is not anymore a closed system. Nowadays it is an open-system, involving more people: e.g. customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, and so on. Corporate social responsibility is understood as a broad concept, that tries to reflect the needs and issues of very different groups, which are in contact with the company. All these groups need to be integrated in the management process. Stakeholders are all people/ parties with impact on the company´s existence/ acceptance. Therefore, these are not only shareholders, but also the public, for example. Investors: interest of investors determines the future of company...

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