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Night Club Security Essay

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Indigo I.D. Carding 101

Main Goal: Protection of the liquor license through the screening of guests upon entry.

Indigo Protocols
* Deny entry to any persons carrying an invalid I.D. including the following:
* Expired I.D. (case by case basis depending on a persons obv age)
* Fake I.D.
* False I.D. (A valid I.D. that is presented but does not belong to the person.)
* Any foreign I.D. All IDs must be from the state or government.
* We do accept permanent resident cards and passports
* Card patrons in a fair, polite, and swift manner.
* Go through your progressions. If you see nothing wrong with the I.D. then keep the line moving.
* Deny entry to visibly intoxicated persons.
* How to question guests on intoxication level.
* Maintain discipline, allow the guest to leave. Working example

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* Ask for Backups
* Backups are necessary very often and if a person isn’t carrying any other form of backup then that should send up a red flag to you as a carder. (Who doesn’t have anything else with their name on it?)
* Student ID, Credit/Debit Cards, AAA cards or anything else with a name on it is acceptable as a backup. Preferably a picture ID.
* Use the tools
* A black light is available and is very helpful in determining fakes.
* Reference the book for unfamiliar IDs. If it checks out then thank them for their patience.
* Declaration of age forms are a great way to catch a fake or false. People are asked to fill out a form as with the information on the presented ID. The information includes DOB, address, name and also requires a signature. Many times the signature is different or they will get the information wrong. (This has been very effective for us at Indigo.) Next step is police verification.
* Ask your fellow bouncers.
* This is important and is definitely a great way to catch fake/false IDs. If it doesn’t look right to you but you’re not sure, ask another team member to check it out for you.

Denied Persons:
* Be as polite as possible (Im sorry but I won’t be able to let you in tonight)
* If they try and go to another HSC bar, tell them you denied them and why
* Do not try for the last word (Let them walk away)
* Do not be afraid to call the cops (non-emergency) for people who wont leave
* Be firm but fair

VERBAL JUDO- De-escalation techniques ( hands up, calm tone, 45 degree angle, get help, apologize once, call for a manager).

Physical Contact:
* No what a hands-on offence is (Examples)
* Try for a wall, not the floor
* 2 on 1 but no more than 3
* If you’re not the one talking to the person, be behind them and about 5ft away
* Police must be called (911 not non-emergency)
* Manager to be notified immediately
* If you are not restraining then you are on crowd control
* Ensure them everything is fine
* Clear a space
* If they ask why its 2 on 1- for the safety of the patron and the staff

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