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Nice One Essay

574 words - 3 pages

Advance C++ |
First Assignment |
Harvey Bernaldez |

Code Syntax
void main(){
int fare, menu, price, type, quantity, cash, change, total, trip;
cout<<"Zest Airlines - Domestic Flight"<<endl;
cout<<"[1]One Way Trip"<<endl;
cout<<"[2]Round Trip(Less 15%)"<<endl;
cout<<"Select Trip:";
cout<<"List of destination"<<endl;
cout<<"[1] Manila to Legazpi - P998"<<endl;
cout<<"[2] Manila to Marinduque - P1,088"<<endl;
cout<<"[3] Manila to Tables(Romblon) - P1,198"<<endl;
cout<<"[4] Manila to ...view middle of the document...

else if (type==3)
else if (type==4)

cout<<endl<<"Enter Quantity: "<<endl;

if (trip==2)

cout<<"The Total is: "<<total;
cout<<endl<<"Enter cash: ";
cout<<endl<<"Your change is: "<<change;


Screen Output

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