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Newspaper Research Paper

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Tina Thomas
Axia University
September 12, 2010
HCS 438 – Statistical Applications
Instructor: Farhan Shahab
Assignment: Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Paper

This paper is going to discuss from a statistical point of view an article that is health related and a research study that has been summarized and discussed. The conclusion will be looked into and presented and the approach if it is correct and suitable for any of the statistics that are involved.
The article is Obesity, Smoking Linked to Teen Migraines: Study Shows Lack of Exercise Also May Increase Chances of Migraines in Teenagers. The article was written by Salynn Boyles and the article is located on WebMD Health ...view middle of the document...

The researcher that performed the study was with the University of Oslo and his name was John-Anke Zwart, MD, PhD. He advised that there was a significant amount of teenagers that had migraine headaches and they were smokers and they were physically challenged and were overweight and this was very surprising. The research study that was conducted was done in Norway with about 6000 students and they were teenagers that ranged between 13 and 18 years of age. The interviews were conducted about the history of the migraine headaches which included how recent they occurred, if they were chronic smokers, and if they exercised how often and how much. The results of the finding were that one in five teenagers:
• smoked cigarettes was 19%
• overweight was 16%
• being physically active less than twice a week was 31%
Because of these overall findings the teenage girls were about a third which was 36% and the teenage boys were about one-fifth which was about 21% were reported having migraine headaches that were reoccurring and this was all within the past year. The teenagers that were overweight and that smoked were more that half which was 55% and they had migraine headaches that were frequent and recent and this was done on a comparison of one in four teenagers that did not have any of the negative lifestyle factors. These teenagers were compared to the teenagers of normal weight, were physically active, and that did not smoke, were overweight, and the teenagers that smoked was 40% and 50% will have migraine headaches that were likely more often and frequent. There was an increase that was associated of about 20% by not exercising or exercising less than twice a week will have migraine headaches that were more often and more frequent. The negative lifestyle factors and the research study was not clear...

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