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New Venture Creation Essay

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New Venteru Management 1B

Motivation employees is an important skills for supervisors manaagaers and business owners to supervisors, managers, and business owners to have when developing motivation plan, it is important to reorganise the individual different among employees and realize that not all motivation techniques will work for everyone. Each employee must be evaluated to determine what motivates them the most, employees are motivated in different methods. Jp nismos cars cc.
Jp , is a company sell new and old vehicles. It situated in th Main Road, Oshikango. Jp is a Company owned by Mohammed Ali from India. J.p employed 50 ...view middle of the document...

Employees in J.p perform different tasks such as office admistration, mechanisim, car washers and cleaners and sales advisors. Jp nismos normally open its do at 8 oclock in the moning and closs its at 5 oclock including one hour four lunch time. All employee must be at work berofe eight oclock. Employee who want to go out must sign premision ti go out. Employees change tasks in different department. Example officer admistratin employee can perfor m sales advisors task when is needed, because if happen the sales advisor sick or risgn this can help yh company to perfom its tasks as usually. This can also help employee to gain more experience. This is the same apply to sales advisors have to know the task performed by the officer admistration. He/She have to know how to prepare documents, importing and exporting cars, this can help the company to perform the tasks every time even one employee is upset.electrician have to know the task perfomed by mecarni both of them they have to be on job rotation and those one who are not performed well their tasks the can get on the job training. At J.P sometimetie employees are give etra task to perfom whe they are free or when they have few work to do to their department. For example, officer andmitrator can service the customers when the salers is not available, or when she have many customers. This can be done in oder for other employees to gain experience in each tasks within the business.extra job to be perfomed by the sale

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