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New Neighbor Request From Sootilicioux Suew

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Section A.

A1. There are two types of statistics that are often referred to when making a statistical decision or working on a statistical problem. Descriptive statistics utilize numerical and graphical methods to look for patterns in data set, to summarize the information revealed in a data set and to present information in a convenient form that individuals can use to make decisions (Singpurwalla, 2013).Descriptive statistics main goal is to describe a data set, hence the class of descriptive statistics include both numerical measures and graphical displays of data.
Inferential statistics utilizes sample data to make estimates, decisions, predictions, or other generalizations about a ...view middle of the document...

Since there are no fractional people, a count of people can only be a discrete variable. For a variable to be continuous, it must be able to take on any real value in a domain. So, if number of customers could take on any real value, including rational and irrational ones than it can be considered as continuous variable.
C) The time it takes to drive to your office daily: It is continuous variable. Time and distance is continuous variable since it can take on an infinite set of values.
D) The number of perfume bottles that you possess: It is discrete. Answer for this will be a whole number. A fraction of perfume bottles owned by a person has no meaning, unless you're counting broken bottles.
E) The number of Wave Motor Bikes stolen in Addu City on May 2013: It is discrete variable. , The number of motor bikes stolen can only take discrete integer values. For a variable to be continuous, it has to be able to take any/every point of a particular range. E.g. any point between 0 and 1.

A) To collect this data inferential statistics is used. It is because to find data it is impossible to collect information from each and every person in Pakistan. This study was compared and contrasted in equal number of male and female school leavers in five cities of Pakistan. The total number of completed surveys was 250 (majeed, 2010). Inferential statistics utilizes sample data to make estimates, decisions, predictions, or other generalizations about a larger set of data (Singpurwalla, 2013).The main goal of inferential statistics is to make a conclusion about a population based off a sample of data from the population.
B) To collect this data descriptive statistics is used. Descriptive statistics includes collecting, organizing, summarizing, and presenting data. For example,...

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