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New Heritage Doll Essay

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Finance Simulation: Capital Budgeting
prepare dashboard I/S and B/S cashflow statement analyze financial analysis project details decide historical financials project updates

'Design Your Own Doll' : Project costs in the first year were as budgeted but were not sufficient to get the assembly equipment and related software working properly. Additional outlays are required to complete the project, and the launch is accordingly delayed. Young Authors Book Series 'Best of Girls' books were an immediate success with the targeted demographic. Both revenue and profit levels exceeded expectations.

EDI Supplier Software System The new system performed better than expected with regard to SG&A and working capital savings. Expansion to England Boutique sales were stronger than expected, due in large part to the success of 'Dolls of the World' ...view middle of the document...

Acquisition of Electronic Toy Manufacturer The acquired business is profitable but performing below the investment case. A few key distributors declined to renew contracts, and future sales growth is threatened. New Inventory Control System for Warehouse Inventory savings associated with the new system were marginally greater than projected. Tween Book Series The appearance of two titles in this series on a talk show host's recommended summer reading list for kids boosted revenue growth above expectations. Doll Video Game Initial market response suggests this project will underperform relative to expectations, but it is still expected to contribute positively to NH.

'Dolls of the World' Initiative Development of successful prototypes took longer than expected, which delayed launch by several months and caused NH to miss an entire holiday season. The initiative is still expected to succeed. Expansion of Mail-order Catalog Business to Asia Expenditures for concept testing were three times higher than projected. However, revenues were likewise much higher than expected. Local managers are now looking for ways to speed up penetration in Japan and China.

Toddler Doll Accessory Line This line of accessories performed in line with expectations regarding both sales and costs. 'Match my Doll' Clothing Line The clothing line outperformed expectations after a celebrity's daughters were photographed wearing items from the line shortly after its debut. Gross margin was also higher than expected due to lower than anticipated raw-materials costs. Retail Store Expansion in Northeast New Northeast retail operations generated more revenue than expected and were profitable right away. New Doll Film/DVD The film was released on schedule. The marketing campaign was very successful, and DVD sales exceeded those of NH's previous films.

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