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Never Give Up Essay

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Never Give Up”
There is no such thing as an ending
Just a new beginning.

I think this quote is awesome, and has a lot of meaning in my life.
To me this quote literally mean, “never give up” when I say never I mean never God does everything for a reason. So I never complain neither do I ever give up. Basically everything good I do with school or education wise is because I choose to. I know what I want in life so that's what I'm going to fight for until I get it. I have a good parents but when it comes to supporting me education wise, I never really had that. I am ...view middle of the document...

You always have to go through lemons to get to lemonade is my Moto. I honesty feel as though I came to far to give up! I am a very good well matured teenager, I am 17 years of age, I have 2 jobs. I work at tropical smoothie café on broad Cecil b-Moore and checkers in southwest Philadelphia. I am currently a senior at constitution high school, really all my life I been getting outstanding grades. Since 9th grade I been a member of honor society, since 10th grade on up I been put in (AP classes) advanced placement , basically a college level class. I am ranking number 3 in my senior 2016 class. So that's also good. My occupation in life is to be a lawyer working for the DA (District Attorney). I'm not the average kid who watch cartoons or reality tv shows like basket wives or Kim k show etc. my type of shows are criminal minds, law & order. I really don't play sports because I work 2 jobs and go to school as well. I have ran track in middle school, I also was a cheerleader my freshman year of high school. Writing & readying is my talent, I can write and read all day long and won't get tied or bored. Right now I am the point in my life were as though I am on the move, I have taken charge of my life, I am determined to succeed. I feel in my heart of all hearts that I will “ Never give up” I will achieve my career goal and do what I want to do best, which is to become a lawyer and work for the DA (district attorney) my name is sianni bland and this is the run down about me and my Personal life.

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