Neuro Linguistic Programming And Performance Essay

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Performance
The definition of social phenomena according to Markey (2007) is “including all behavior which influences or is influenced by organisms sufficiently alive to respond to one another”. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a set of rules and techniques proposed for modifying behavior in achieving self-improvement, self-management and more effective interpersonal communication (Business Dictionary). The society is made up of people at different social levels. Most of the people at the top of the social ladder self-confess to the use of NLP to enhance their performance in their various endeavors and therefore in their social life. The term NLP is ...view middle of the document...

In primary school, there are different kinds of young fellows under the care of the noble profession of teachers. The influence of words, images and symbols on performance is not something that arises in childhood, but something that is slowly ingrained in the minds of individuals before they become whatever they become. The pupils with the most ambition are those that believe in themselves most. It is common for such students to have images representing their different goals and ambitions in their lockers and other places that they have jurisdiction over such as their books. In fact, judging from personal experience, the most ambitious students have books set aside for creating imagery of the life they imagine or fancy themselves living in the future. These students are coincidentally the students that are the most confident in self-expression even if they are not among the peak academic performers. This might be a wrong choice of word- coincidentally. There is no coincidence between the confidence of individuals and the clarity of their goals and ambitions that surround their chief aim in life. If there is anything between these two variables, it is a scientific correlation that is defined and explained on NLP under its different names and titles. The people that continue with this child-like behavior (childlike-not childish) through their adult life are able to have a smoother journey in the achievement of social and material success. Apart from the self-diagnosed linguistics that influences a person’s destiny, there are those words and actions that are imposed by others on pupils. The words spoken by teachers, parents and peers about an individual and believed by the individual are fundamental in creating their physical world. Children who are told positive things about themselves are more likely to develop in positive ways than children whose responses to linguistics are casually treated and therefore the messages sent to them left unmonitored. Strong says that there are models in NLP that can help one develop hidden skills and bring them to full flower (2006, p. 6). If this statement has been made about adults, more so can it apply to children and teens whose mind is not yet clouded by long time of mental conditioning? The researcher believes so.
The most common use of NLP is on business. The use of NLP in business is more inclined on reprogramming than it is on programming. There are very many negative perceptions that can arise in an individual’s minds because of the many negative influences that may exist in the workplace. An example is the negativity caused by the weight of tasks and this is enhanced by maybe intolerant leadership. NLP is so useful in the reprogramming of individuals in firms that it has become a multi-million dollar business for those that have been able to sell their services to corporate and wealthy entrepreneurs.
By changing our perception and being aware of all of our senses, individuals can change behavior...

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