Network, Telecommunications, And Wireless Computing Essay

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Network, Telecommunications, and wireless computing
When we think about marketing, we must consider internet and mobile marketing. Most of young generation has the latest mobile technology, such as laptop, IPhone or blackberries.. Telecommunication system enables transmissions of data over public or private network…business can benefit from today’s modern network infrastructures that provide reliable global reach to employees and customers (Baltzan & Phillips 2007). Mobile marketing is very important because of millions of people around the world exchanging text message or use multi-media service to each other. By utilizing the popularity of text message or mobile coupon, we can ...view middle of the document...

The risk that comes with mobile coupons is privacy issues such as message abuse and mass distribution. Also since it is relatively a new technology, disclosure, privacy policies and SPAM e-mail blocks or any other security feature might affect the effectiveness of the mobile coupon. Hidden charge from mobile service or unauthorized charges to customers phone bill might be a problem too. Customers might get charged each mobile coupon sent by the provider and customer needs agree to the service.
The main privacy issue might be unwanted spam e-mails that are attached to the coupons. These coupons sent to underage kid whose parents might not want them to have such coupons or messages on their cells. Massive distribution is also issue with mobile marketing. M-coupon providers need to get customers consent before sending such coupons to their personal cell phone.
The café benefits from collecting and tracking response rates of mobile coupons by customers by acquiring analysis reports about their customers and the usage of their coupons. Also we can contact customers via their e-mails for their experiences at the coffee store and get their input on the coupons. Based on the usage of m-coupons, we can also figure out how effective it is to the sales. Through statistical analysis, which provide information correlations, distributions, calculations and variance analysis (Baltzan & Phillips 2007), we can also figure out how well each product is doing and what items customer buy most with the coupon.
If the mobile coupon is forwarded to another cell phone, café benefits by gaining larger pools of customers. More customers will be likely to be added to the e-mail coupon lists and receive any discounts or promotion directly. It will benefit the total sale for the café and contribute to the customer’s loyalty.

Customer Relationship management (CRM)
As the world of internet expands, Youtube has become great way to communicate with customers. It provides easy way for customers to access the video anywhere, anytime, and whenever they want to. Youtube allows the target audience, café customer in this case, to get a real feel for our personality, making the presentation more sincere and attractive. It has features that help us to increase likability and trust with the target audience. Youtube also has worldwide...

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