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Network Port Essay

271 words - 2 pages

Option 2: Data Set Activity
Chentell Duberry
QNT 275
December 07, 2015
Dr. Kenneth C. Sherman

Student Data Set
Student | Gender | Age |
Jenny | F | 42 |
Sandy | F | 36 |
Linda | F | 29 |
Lilly | F | 54 |
Nichole | F | 32 |
Sally | F | 23 |
Lisa | F | 22 |
Brook | F | 38 |
John | M | 60 |
Dave | M | 43 |
Shawn | M | 25 |
Kurt | M | 47 |
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67 | Female : 34.5 |

Male : 60-25+1 = 36 | Female : 54 – 22 + 1 = 33 |

Variance and Standard Deviation
Age | Mean | x | x2 |
60 | 43.67 | 16.33 | 266.67 |
43 | 43.67 | -0.67 | 0.4489 |
25 | 43.67 | -18.67 | 348.5689 |
47 | 43.67 | 3.33 | 11.0889 |
52 | 43.67 | 8.33 | 69.3889 |
35 | 43.67 | -8.67 | 75.1689 |

s2= x2N-1 = 771.33345=154.2665
s= s2= 154.2665=12.4201
Age | Mean | x | x2 |
42 | 34.5 | 7.5 | 56.25 |
36 | 34.5 | 1.5 | 2.25 |
29 | 34.5 | -5.5 | 30.25 |
54 | 34.5 | 19.5 | 380.25 |
32 | 34.5 | -2.5 | 6.25 |
23 | 34.5 | -11.5 | 132.25 |
22 | 34.5 | -12.5 | 156.25 |
38 | 34.5 | 3.5 | 12.25 |

s2= x2N-1 = 7767=110.8571
s= s2= 110.8571=10.52887
The distribution of Male ages has more variability than female ages but there are more female students than male students.

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