Network Mergers Proposal Essay

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Network Merger Proposal

Question 1- Opening Statement

Prepare an opening statement that specifies your organization’s capabilities to manage a deployment of this size.

We are a mid size Network consulting outfit that specializes in LAN configuration, Inter - LAN routing designing, topology designs, VLAN configurations. Our team consists of experts who are CCIE qualified in the services that we provide. We also have some of the highly rated Network consultants on board with us.

Our previous work:

• Designing and configuring VLAN for enterprises,

• Inducing network security by configuring ...view middle of the document...

As you can see, most of our work has been around dealing with such problems. Hence, we believe, we will be able to add a lot of quality to this merger

Question 3 : What clients can expect

Explain what the client can expect from your services.

Revenue - Deal value comparison:


Conclusion : As you can see, that this deal has a good value compared to our present revenue. This shows the relocation of resources that will be done by us. It is clear that around a third of our resources/ efforts will go in the merger. Efforts along with the right skill...

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