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Network Attached Storage Essay

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NAS devices are connected to the LAN as an independent network device and assigned an IP address. The primary advantage of NAS devices is that network storage is no longer limited to the storage capacity of a computing device or the number of disks in a local server. Many NAS products can hold enough disks to support RAID, and multiple NAS appliances can be attached to the network for storage expansion. There are many different types of NAS devices, ranges from beginners to experts. The features and specs will vary on the unit and manufacture. Because NAS are used for many different purposes, they come in wide storage range. They come in a large verity, ...view middle of the document...

The main pipe that provides the water is 10in wide, however you home pipe that receives the water is only 1in wide. Although you have plenty of water coming in, you have only receive 10% of the incoming water. It is the same issue when dealing with NAS. NAS depends on the disk write speed and the connection on it. Some newer NAS will support SSD and will really be the best investment. However purchasing pure SSD`s might be more expensive than the NAS unit alone an might limit you to a substantial storage size. SSD are not that big in storage, 4TB is the largest SSD made in 2014. However it might be a safe investment in a near future once prices go down. On today’s market SSD might not be the option for a large intended NAS. LSI is the only manufacture that makes 4TB SSD. Today they are not sold to public, the tag price will come close to 5K for 4TB, if not more. Early this year Seagate launched

Its biggest HHD with an attractive 6TB at 7200 write speed, the tag is only at 300$. When a Samsung SSD 1TB will come for around 500$. If NAS is intended for a low capacity storage unit then the investment might be worth the extra 500$. However it is ideal having good HDD`s with the write speed at 7200 write speed or more. Also including a wired connection to the NAS. Cat6 will be preferred to obtain those great write and read speeds you are looking for. Finally having a router that is equipped when handling those types of speed. Also look one that is NAS Tested. It might also be a good idea to look for one that will be RAID tested also.

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