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TWS2571 T2 2013/2014 Assignment (15%)
1. Deadline   Due Date Phase 1: 6th December 2013, 1130 am Due Date Phase 2: 30th December 2013, 1130 am.

2. Group This is a group assignment, group of FOUR. STRICTLY NO COPYING, if detected all parties involved will get 0 marks. Report is needed to pass the plagiarism test before submission (Turnitin). All reports must have less than 10% of similarity index. Note: Name your report with the given assignment ID before uploading. Penalty of 3 marks for failing to comply. 3. Task You have the option to choose a non research or research based assignment question. However, only 2 groups (Maximum) per question, please register with me ASAP. (First come ...view middle of the document...

The retrieval data should be kept and utilized by a hosting server. Users read the data (in graph format) from the hosting server. Source code for BT sensor tag is partially provided but modifications are needed. (Source: CC2541 SensorTag Software @
User  Mobile  phone  (View)  User  Mobile  phone  (View) 

BT   Sensor  Tag 

Mobile  phone  (Hosting) 

i. Android (Limited to 4 groups only) Note: Only Sensor Tag shall be provided. You are required to do a comprehensive study on the related sensor or server hosting for mobile. Three literature studies are needed to compare with your system, including the similarities and differences. Phase 1: hosting & data server storage + literature reviews Phase 2: Complete solution on BT Sensor Tag + hosting

Simulation Based Assignment
i. LTE a. NS 2/ NS3 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) b. LTE-Sim 1)

Downlink Schedulers Uplink Schedulers Bandwidth Request mechanisms Bandwidth Allocation Security Bandwidth Request mechanisms

2) 3) ii. IEEE 802.16 a. NS 2/ NS3 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) iii. MANET a. NS 2/ NS 3 1) 2) b. OMNET++ 1) 2) iv. IEEE 802.11 a. NS 2/ NS 3 1) 2) b. OMNET ++ 1) 2)

Bandwidth Allocation Security

Downlink Schedulers Uplink Schedulers Bandwidth Request mechanisms Bandwidth Allocation Security

Routing Protocols Security Routing Protocols Security

Bandwidth Request mechanisms Bandwidth Allocation/Estimation Bandwidth Request mechanisms Bandwidth Allocation/Estimation

v. Wireless Sensor Network a. NS 2/ NS3 (Limited to 4 groups only) b. OMNET++ (Limited to 4 groups only) Find 3 latest journal publications (2008-2013) based on the wireless access technologies above and conduct a thorough literature review. Rewrite the ideas/findings of the 3 selected journals. Please ensure the performance results (throughput, average delay, efficiency and etc) in the journal are obtained in your simulation. Phase 1: Simulate several scenarios, simulation parameters use + literature reviews Phase 2: Identify the source code/framework/module to be changed. Understand how the source code/framework/module works. Simulation results and discussions. Note: 30% extra bonus marks if you able to transform the idea/finding from your literature review to simulation tool. You must able pass Q&A session.

4. Proposal You are required to submit a assignment proposal by 11am on 6th November 2013 for approval. Any proposal without the lecturer’s approval is considered void. You should have the following in your proposal:     Name and ID Group ID Task Title List of 3 literature studies (for non research based –name of the software and URL/link; for research based - authors, publication year, page number, article title, journal title and volume number: IEEE references style) Highlight the selected journal that you will demonstrate at the end of the assignment. (for research topic Wireless Sensor Network Only)

Note: No changes are allowed after approval granted. You are advised...

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