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Negotiations Essay

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Negotiation is a fact of everyday life and each day in one form or another we are negotiating something.
In both our personal and professional day-to-day life we are negotiating, and what is to be noted is that most of the times we are not even aware of it.

Every day we are negotiating at work, starting with the job offer details and later on for any development opportunities, salary increases, training support, taking ownership of ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, one aspect of many that will enable us to be successful in our personal and professional life is to be able to honestly assess our negotiating skills and improve where necessary.
Some of the negotiation skills we have are part of our innate traits of character and the rest depends on how willing we are to further develop them. That is why there are several types of negotiators, having their own different styles.
We can develop our negotiation skills by further building on what we already have as foundation, and this foundation is correlated with our personal values, family, education and life experiences.
As an example, for a person with a less aggressive type of personality chances are that if he decides to pursue a career in negotiation most likely he will be soft negotiator.
I do not believe in a magical character transformation of a negotiator depending on the specific circumstances of a case, just because it takes a lot of time to be able to master a specific method of negotiation.

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