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Negotiation Article Essay

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Negotiation Strategy Articles

MGT 445

June 20, 2012

Negotiation Strategy Article

The negotiation process contains various strategies. The strategies of negotiation include accommodation, collaboration, competition, and avoidance (Lewicki-Saunders-Barry, 2005). Each situation may vary, allowing one or different strategies to become more effective than other strategies. For instance, two different negotiation strategies were applied in Negotiating New Vehicle Purchases and Do Manager Intend to Use the Same Negotiation Strategies as Partners? Each article will be reviewed, including the application of negotiation strategies to compare and contrast the two articles.
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On the other hand, managers attempt to use auditor client manager to solve problems that may occur with financial statements. The article proves that managers do intend to use compromising strategies whereas partners tend to use integrative strategies. The findings are based on accounting procedures.
Compare and Contrast
The first article is a description of purchasing a new car in a competitive strategy negotiation. The second article is a description of managers and partners negotiation in an accounting atmosphere with use of compromising and integrative strategies. The competitive strategy incorporates a win-lose conclusion. However, the integrative strategies and compromising strategies tend to incorporate a collaborative and avoidance conclusion. The difference in strategies is the difference in goals or objectives.
Work Setting Application
Lowe’s uses competitive, avoidance, and collaboration strategies in daily business. In customer negotiation, the cost, and service offered is imperative to the success of the organization’s business. Customer attempt to approach the organization with a competitive strategy and the sales specialist are well equipped to handle the...

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