Negative Effects Of The Social Media

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Chong Gu
Ms Khin
March 13, 2015

Negative Effects of the Social Media

Nowadays with the development of advanced technology, social media become more and more popular. There are about 2 billion social media users around the globe. By social media, people can share and receive updated information whenever and whatever they do. Many people are keen on the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because they can connect people with each other conveniently. However, these social media bring many potential dangers. In my opinion, social media do more harm than good.
It is no doubt that social media provide people lots of conveniences. For example, if students encounter difficult questions in homework, they do not need to use telephones or mobile ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the flash games on Facebook are like drugs. The games make students addicted so that they can not concentrate on studying. Spending several hours is very common for them.
Social media is also harmful to the social stability. The Islamic States (IS) which is the biggest terrorist group in Syria and Iraq upload videos and pictures on Twitter. Some videos and pictures show how they kill the hostages. Their behaviors are so cruel that people who live in the peaceful areas feel very upset and scared. It is difficult to prevent these terrorists' behavior because terrorists can register a new account again and again after their previous account is deleted.
Due to illegal piracy uploading by social media, the film industry has to bear great loss every year. Some social media, such as YouTube, allow their user share videos on the website, and there are some piracy films among these uploaded videos. If people want to watch a movie, they do not need to go to the cinema or buy a DVD. They just search the film's name on YouTube. Sarcastically, the film companies can not obtain any money from people who watch their movie on YouTube. Despite that YouTube company has begun to check the uploaded videos whether they are piracy films, some piracy films are still uploaded on YouTube successfully because thousands of videos are uploaded every day, and it is impossible to check all of them.
In conclusion, although social media are helpful, it still has lots of disadvantages. It is necessary for us to adopt rational way to use them. Social media sites can limit login time of the teenager users. They also take measures to improve their management in order to prevent harmful information from spreading. Laws about prohibiting piracy uploading should be promulgated as soon as possible.

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