Negative Effects Of Friendship Essay

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Negative effects of Friendship Speech
Though there are many positive aspects of friendship there are several potential negative effects of having friendships that are not 100% genuine. The first and perhaps most obvious negative effect of friendship is the risk of having ‘false’ or ‘bad’ friends. There are several signs of a potential bad friend including: belittling your accomplishments, ignoring you and unhealthy competition between you and your friend. There are 6 types of ‘bad friend’: the promise- breaker, the double-crosser, the self-absorbed, the discloser, the competitor and the fault finder. Having any one of these types of friends in your life can have a strong negative impact.

The second effect of having a bad friendship is the potential for peer pressure to occur. Peer pressure is caused by the social desire to fit in and be accepted by peers, that forces ...view middle of the document...

* To make choices that will hurt you or your family.
* To engage in illicit/illegal activities.
* Wearing the same clothes as your friends or look a certain way
* Drinking, smoking or taking drugs
* Changing your friends/partner because your current friends don’t like them
* Bullying others
* Skipping/skiving school
* Having a boyfriend or girlfriend
Though peer pressure is portrayed in the media as being upfront and obvious e.g. your friend saying come join in everyone else is doing it. Though in reality it is often much more subtle than that, some things as simple as friends indulging in negative behavior around you may influence you into believing that these activities are acceptable. There are several other effects of peer pressure including: feeling like you have to act the way the influencing party acts and you may not be able to discern right from wrong actions as you have been lead to believe that these activities are socially accepted.
Bullying in yet another effect of a friendship gone wrong. It can be an effect of a transformative event within a friendship can result in the breaking up of that friendship. Which can later result in the two opposing parties becoming ‘enemies’ and persecution of the other person(s) can begin and then evolve into bullying. The definition of bulling is unwanted, aggressive behavior among people that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. There are 3 types of bullying: verbal (calling someone names/gossiping about them/undermining/constantly criticizing), social bullying (deliberately leaving someone out/influencing other people’s opinions about a person) and physical bullying (involving the physical assault of another person). There can be many effects of bullying including: panic attacks, sleep deprivation, performing badly at school/not attending school and low self-esteem. These can all have a major impact on your life if the bulling is not dealt with quickly and effectively.

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