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Needs Assessment In Hris Essay

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Benefast Partners indicated that they engaged in a lot of analysis conversations with its colleagues in another office, however looking at the results of the implementation of their system; their needs analysis attempt was inadequate.
The analysis stage of the system development life cycle centers on the detailed comparison of the current capabilities of the system, with the desired performance capabilities, resulting in an identification of what is needed to be done, in order to achieve what is desired.
Benefast Partners’ focus was on what could be done with a software platform purchased for processing small to midsized company 401 (k) plans. They then discovered that the platform was ...view middle of the document...

* Define goals. -In particular, what management is seeking to achieve by undertaking this project. Benefast Partners wanted to discover what could be done with a system that was purchased for small to midsized 401 (k) plans.

* Determine tools and techniques to be used- in regards to data collection. As mentioned before, individuals at Benefast Partners had conversations with colleagues and this was their main information collection tool.

* Analyze the current situation- – this team must involve the end users of the system as these individuals will be able to offer information that will help ensure the best system is selected and installed. Whilst Benefast Partners consulted individuals who were running the project, those individuals were in another office, and the possibility is that what they were using the system for, may not have been what Benefast Partners required the system to do.

* Define the needs- refers to determining what the company is required to get or do in order to achieve its desired system. It is however, questionable as to what exactly Benefast required the system to do, since the company segmented its market into four segments, including “no-Multiplan Clients”, however after their third client they had “ begun to move toward to fairly complex Multiplan environment.” (MIchael J Kavanagh 2015). Additionally, it was indicated that Benefast partners “ built a system for plans that were easy to administer, but plans that are easy to administer are few and far between the market place, and those that exist aren’t typically managed by organizations shopping for benefits vendors” (MIchael J Kavanagh 2015) this gives the idea that there was very little available clients for this system

* Identify performance gaps- These gaps help identify “areas of mismatch between the existing and required process and form the basis for developing systems...

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