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Needs Essay

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Information need is an individual or group's desire to locate and obtain information to satisfy a conscious or unconscious need. The ‘information’ and ‘need’ in ‘information need’ are an inseparable interconnection. Needs and interests call forth information. The objectives of studying information needs are:
1. The explanation of observed phenomena of information use or expressed need;
2. The prediction of instances of information uses;
3. The control and thereby improvement of the utilization of information manipulation of essentials conditions.
A system is a set of ...view middle of the document...

This approach also gives the manager to see the organization as a whole and as a part of the larger external environment.
System oriented manager would make decisions only after they have identified impact of these decisions on all other departments and the entire organization.
They must intertwine their department with the total organization and communicate with all other departments, employees and with each other.
* Characteristics: Systems have structure, defined by parts and their composition;
* Systems have behavior, which involves inputs, processing and outputs of material, energy or information;
* Systems have interconnectivity : the various parts of a system have functional as well as structural relationships between each other.
* System(s) have by itself function(s) or group of functions .
* Advantages: It aims at meaningful analysis of organizations and their management.
* It facilitates the interaction between organization and its environment.
It guide manager to avoid analyzing problems in isolation and to develop an integrated approach.
* Disadvantages: The approach does not recognize the differences in systems.
* Over-conceptual
* Systems philosophy does not specify the nature of interactions and interdependencies.
* Unpractical: It cannot be easily and directly applied to practical problems.
* Lack of Universality
* Complex System

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