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Navigation Acts Essay

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US HIS 1111

Teresa Hammock
Mr. Crews
US History 1111
December 1, 2013
“Navigation Acts”
The Navigation Acts were a series of acts passed by the English Parliament during the seventeenth century to protect England’s trade an prevent the American colonies from directly trading with foreign countries or other colonies.
The Navigation Acts, in English history, was a name given to certain parliamentary legislations, more properly called the British Acts of Trade. The acts were an outgrowth of mercantilism and followed principles by Tudor and early Stuart trade regulations. Mercantilism was an economic system of the major ...view middle of the document...

In 1663, Charles II awarded the predecessor of the Royal African Company a monopoly on English trade with Africa, a concession that included the Atlantic slave trade. After the close of the English Civil War, England sought to regain control over its one ordinance and four laws between 1651 and 1696. The 1663 Staple
Act stipulated that, with a few exceptions, European goods had to be exported to English colonies through English ports. The 1673 act set customs duties for overseas possessions and ordered the creation of a customs service to collect them. The 1696 Act of Trade and Plantations set up admiralty courts in England’s colonies and thereby strengthened central control over matters of trade and revenue.
The First Navigation Act enumerated such colonial articles as sugar, tobacco, cotton, and indigo, these were supplied only to England. This act was expanded and altered by the succeeding Navigation Acts of 1662, 1663, 1670, 1673, and by the Act to Prevent Frauds and Abuses of 1696. The Stamp Act of 1765, enacted by the British Parliament to implement stamp duties and amend other trade duties in the American colonies and plantations. A stamp duty of varying amounts was placed on each piece of paper that was used for declarations, court petitions, claims, pleas, bail , libel or renunciation matters. The Sugar Act of 1764, was a legislation passed the British Parliament intended to increase the government’s income from the American colonies through sugar taxes. The amount in taxes imposed per gallon of molasses that entered the colonies from ports
Hammock, pg. 3
outside Britain’s authority. Several northern colonies had successful rum industries which depended greatly on imported molasses. Many rum producers believed that the tax would eat up all of their profits. Before the producers could protest against the tax, the Parliament had...

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