Nature Of Thought Paper

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Nature of Thought Paper
Sennet Perkins
October 4, 2010
Leigh Clemons

Is thinking a necessity in dealing with or handling issues on a daily basis? Every day we are faced with situations that will requires us to think on different levels. Thinking is a very imperative method of how an individual’s thoughts when being read by someone else can generate a comprehensible concept.   In this paper, I will explain some of the perceptual blocks that have some bearing on my views and how I reply to it.
     The sensing process is a very significant part to the process of thinking.   It would be very hard for an individual to think without using this process.   Being able to hear, ...view middle of the document...

In most of these instances, my team members and I would have to determine how we would handle these situations as they came about. The best solution could always be determined by the tone of the person’s voice, their body language and their facial expression. All situations will be different and should be handled individually. Believe what you see and always expect the unexpected.
Anything that stops an individual from finding a helpful explanation when solving a problem is considered a block. There are several different types of blocks. Perceptual, emotional, intellectual, expressive, environmental and cultural are some of the various groups of blocks. Perceptual blocks occur from the way we were thought to recognize information from the world around us. Emotional blocks occur when our emotional needs contradicts with the situation at hand. Intellectual blocks are caused by an individual not being able to understand information required to solve a problem. Expressive blocks occur when an individual is unable to communicate in the way required to generate an effective solution. Environmental blocks are caused by exterior barrier in the social or physical environment. Cultural blocks result from our training...

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