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Nature Essay

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ature and Nurture is what makes us who we are its a combination of both. Nurture is what we are molded in as growing up but at the same time Nature is our personality, intelligence, aggression and sexual orientation are also encoded in each individual DNA. Nature can be defined in many ways I personally define it as life in general things that are natural in life plants, animals, and weather even from a baby coming into this world that is nature.
Genetics vs. Environment you might hear someone say to you ‘‘you and your mother act so much alike” or “your following in your fathers foot steps”, however parents and guardians do play the key role in shaping a child personality. But, nature ...view middle of the document...

My surroundings were really negative but it never affected me personally however, it did affect my two brothers my sister and I graduated from high school and went off furthering our education in college.
However, my two brothers hung out in the streets and decided not to get an education; people will ask “are those really your brother same mama and papa” I will respond as yes it’s just everyone has a different mind set some are week and some are strong. The actual conclusion that I am coming too that this is a perfect example of environment and nature.
Genetics living things that inherit traits from their parent. talks about genetics, DNA and Nature vs. Nurture falls under the same category. These few characters.

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n conclusion, nature and nurture make us who we are. Nature the plant, the ocean the birth of a child these are all natural effects we experience while living on this earth. Nurture is our upbringing what we are molded to be how our parents wants us to live; but as we grow into the comfort of ourselves nature comes knocking. Which at the same time changes us drastically personality speaking, physically, mentally or spiritually.
This past week I decided to observe myself with my performance at work. From the month October to...

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