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Natural Law Essay

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EUH 2000 0010
September 11, 2003
Natural Law – Essay #1
Cicero felt that Natural law is something that was created divinely before humanity was capable of doing so for itself. It is a morality ingrained in us since creation, before there was any set government or politician to create laws. “This power is not only older than peoples and governments but is of the same age as the God who protects and rules both Heaven and earth.” Though he concedes that, “Men introduced such laws to ...view middle of the document...

It is also important to realize that these Natural Laws have lasted the test of time, if you take into consideration that most of these laws are found in the Ten Commandments.
I personally feel that Natural Laws supersede any man-made law because these laws are the backbone of a society’s moral structure. Now what has to be considered is, what is Natural Law? I can concede what is considered to be some Natural Laws, do not steel, kill, covet, etc. But is it also Natural Law to not have premarital sex or to not masturbate? The fact that I can bring up these qualifications to question what is Natural Laws is probably why modern lawyers do not use them in their arguments. I can say, that I personally do not follow the covenants of Christianity or any religion similar, i.e. Judaism or Islam, because I follow a polytheistic divinity. To say it plainly, what is Natural Law to some may not fit into everyone’s moral structure, and probably a route most lawyers trying to win a case would not use, considering that I or someone like myself could be on their jury.
[1] Marcus Tullius Cicero, De legibus libri, ed. J. Vahlen (Berlin: F. Vahlenum, 1883; I, vi 18-19, I, xi, 33 II, iv, 9-v, 13) trans. Henry A Myers.

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