Native American Cultural Impact On Healthcare

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Native American Cultural Impact on Healthcare
Sherry Phillips
Grand Canyon University
March 25, 2015

Native American Cultural Impact on Healthcare
Culture plays a unique and significant role going to healthcare process. Each culture has their own belief systems and values. Native American make up 1% of the population in the United States ("Diversity: Understanding and Teaching Diverse Students," n.d.). Understanding their system of beliefs and values would help to benefit Native American women during the prenatal care. When nurses become culturally competent in their care, not only do the patients benefit but ...view middle of the document...

Other beliefs include exercise, good diet and a positive outlook (Long & Curry, 1998). The younger generation is not taught the importance of these beliefs (Long & Curry, 1998). The results showed a breakdown in continuing traditional healthcare among Native American women (Long & Curry, 1998). Western Medicine is the only prenatal care available to Native American women (Long & Curry, 1998).
Two main reasons for this are federal assimilations that has occurred and the death of elders (Long & Curry, 1998). Federal assimilation consisted of making Native Americans put away their belief system and forcing them to learn a different way (Long & Curry, 1998). The death of an elder influenced their culture greatly as there were not as many who knew the traditional ways so that they could be taught the younger generation (Long & Curry, 1998). Prenatal care is not being utilized, as it should due to the breakdown of these (Long & Curry, 1998). Due to the breakdown of these cultural beliefs, there are two significant consequences. The wisdom of prenatal care is being lost amongst the Native American women (Long & Curry, 1998). The motivation that these women need to seek prenatal care is threatened (Long & Curry, 1998). The authors recommended that the Native American be empower by their health care providers to transmit their traditional beliefs (Long & Curry, 1998). Western health care providers need to reintegrate traditional beliefs (Long & Curry, 1998). Providing education and support is needed to help address the issues that were identified as being important to them
Application to Practice
Persecution of Native Americans has been happening throughout the years. It is reasonable to assume that there is a lack of trust concerning Western Medicine. Compassion and cooperativeness are important values to help instill a sense of trust (DeNisco & Barker, 2013). Showing respect for Native American beliefs will help to build rapport (DeNisco & Barker, 2013). If a pregnant Native American woman enters the health care system, it is crucial to be mindful of her culture. The use of paternalism will deter Native Americans from seeking help as they have subjected to this...

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