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Nation Building In Singapore Assignment 2

357 words - 2 pages

Essay Question:

How did the circumstances of Singapore's 'eviction' from Malaysia in 1965 affect its nation-building efforts? Assess its impact on defence and one other nation-building process.


1. Write a 1,200-word argumentative essay in response to the question posed above.

2. Submission deadline: 3 April 2015 (Friday), 6.00pm. Submissions received after the deadline are subjected to a penalty.

3. For a complete submission, we must receive a hardcopy and a softcopy version of your essay.

4. Hardcopy should be ...view middle of the document...

5. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of academic dishonesty, i.e. “any misrepresentation with the intent to deceive, or failure to acknowledge the source, or falsification of information, or inaccuracy of statements..., or inappropriate use of resources....” (Taken from NUS Code of Student Conduct.) Do browse the web resources provided at the end of the section. If in doubt, contact your tutor or the module coordinator.

6. University regulations now stipulate that at the end of your paper, you should include a written and signed declaration that you have completed this assignment on your own. The signed declaration should read:

“I acknowledge that this research essay is the product of my own work and research. All materials consulted — including websites — have been duly cited and credited.”

7. To save trees, the essay should be printed on both sides of the page You are also not required to submit this instruction sheet together with your essay.

8. Some useful resources for writing essays:

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