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Narrative Essay

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Brendan Michael
ENGL 1104: Written English I
Professor Beighley
Minor Essay #2
When it comes to the subject of lowering the drinking age, many speculations have been made, both positive and negative. Ohio legislature should take into account both view points. A positive being a drastic reduction in binge drinking among the American population. A negative is the fear of higher death rates due to alcohol poisoning. The drinking age should be lowered and Americans should take charge and know their limit.
The drinking age in America has been under speculation for many years now and even though the law is set for 21, there are still minors abusing their availability to the ...view middle of the document...

They feel as if adults should be able to drink and eighteen to twenty year olds are not adults yet and not ready for this responsibility.
Also, another reason why people disagree with lowering the drinking age because of these immature students is that they make rash decisions on a daily basis. These people value a good education and hard work. They believe that those in college and high school shouldn’t be drinking but rather they should be focusing on school rather than partying. Students shouldn’t be out drinking at the bars or at a friend’s house the day before a big test or even so they shouldn’t be drinking and going to class the next day. Drinking and having to wake up early the next morning doesn’t really help you be more attentive during class. With all the habits of partying and staying up late and having to go to class also is making it hard on students to focus more and prepare for their future. The drinking age is 21 and people believe it should stay that way to push away students from drinking and partying. With teachers and parents seeing students and how they act during the school year, they can make assumptions on their study habits and see if drinking has influenced them at all because of grades becoming poor or not.
Supports if the drinking age being lowered argues that if teens are able to consume alcohol it will significantly reduce the amount of binge drinking in the USA. They are passionate about the dangers of binge drinking. Binge Drinking is a very dangerous habit that involves consuming large amounts of alcohol on a non-consistent basis. These teens do not know their limit and binge on alcohol; this leads to alcohol poisoning and alcohol related deaths in teenagers. The supporters of it believe that lowering the age and making alcohol accessible to 18 years and up it will make binging drinking less frequent and less tempting.
On the flip side of that argument is the risk of DUI and auto accidents involving drinking and driving going up is a risk that no one wants to take. Some parents and especially the organization MADD are passionately against lowering the consumption age. They feel it is extremely dangerous to let young adults or teenagers drink alcohol for reasons mostly based on accidents and fatality reports going up. They believe...

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