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Mythology Essay

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Individual Assignment: Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes Paper
·         Identify a hero from literature or popular culture who embarks upon a mythical quest.
·         Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that includes the following:
o    A list of the mythological hero’s characteristics
o    A description of how that character exemplifies a mythological hero
o    The purpose of the mythical quest in general
APA Style!!!

An epic hero has four distinctive qualities. The first characteristic is that the hero requires a life altering journey, one that can change the way he thinks about someone or something, or that has a substantial impact on him/her physically or ...view middle of the document...

In Greek and Roman mythology the stories of Jason and of Aeneas likewise describe journeys or quests. Another narrative that may be interpreted as a heroic journey is the biblical story of the Hebrew prophet Moses.

Mythological stories have existed as long as man has existed. As long as there have been mythological stories there have been stories of heroes. Most of us were introduced to the hero's journey through mythology and other heroic tale sources, such as in cinema and literature, have been inspired by mythology. Myths provide the oldest and truest outline for heroic stories. Each culture has its own myths and each of these myths tend to share a common design. Myths often use transcendental events or characters to explain the nature of humanity and the universe. The stories are often narratives about divine or ordinary people that are passed down through the generations intended to inspire and advise the listener or reader. Why should we care about mythological heroic figures? The underlying principles of heroic adventures are reflective of our own...

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