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My Virtual Life Essay

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Adalyn was born about four weeks premature, and a little underweight (four and a half pounds). She seemed healthy otherwise. A few days of neonatal care were needed to deal with jaundice, and to make sure Adalyn was able to regulate her body temperature. After five days, her Apgar score had come up from a six to an eight. You were able to bring Adalyn home. The doctors said Adalyn should be fine, but they scheduled ...view middle of the document...

You and your partner are coping with it well, but sometimes your nerves are jangled from lack of sleep, and you feel somewhat annoyed with Adalyn. Most of the time, though, you are having a good time taking care of her.
As Adalyn turns 9 months, the pediatrician has the following to say after a routine physical exam, a few items administered from the Bayley Scales of Infant Intelligence, and some observations of Adalyn in the playroom. Based on your report, Adalyn is physically healthy. The doctor recommends a greater variety of baby food and ground up fruits and vegetables. Adalyn is cautious around new people and situations, but warms up fairly quickly to friendly people and to new and interesting activities and then begins to vocalize a lot and make eye contact. Adalyn has strong emotional reactions and has difficulty soothing herself back down. The doctor advises patience in dealing with Adalyn's emotions. Adalyn is advanced in her gross and fine motor skills and enjoys crawling, pulling up to stand and manipulating objects.

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