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My Personality Theory Essay

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Stevie Homestead
Professor Walter Andrews
08 September 2014
My Theory of Personality
I would approach personality from a behavioural point of view. Behaviour is influenced to a great deal by the environment that a person grows in. Many a times we are a product of what we interact with and it is this what shapes our character to attain that complete being with a particular trait that people are able to identify. The behaviours that one may pick in his/her process of growth may be influenced by various factors including such as culture, and family values among many others. The world provides a platform for people to exercise self-realization. We are all born into this world ...view middle of the document...

There are numerous traits that people pick as they grow up contribute greatly to their personalities. Patience can be a human trait developing in a person with respect to the environment that one grows in. My therapy here will be to test the extent to which a person can exercise patience. The ability to wait is not in every person. There are those who like things to happen so fast and there are those that are receptive to patience and can wait on something provided that it finally comes to fulfilment.
To put patience into test, my client would be tried out with two computers; one with fast internet connectivity and the other one having slow internet connectivity. The aim here will be to observe how the client responds to the two scenarios. My approach in this therapy is guided by the observation that has been made in the recent past of people responding very differently to slow internet connectivity. One may become restless and for those with a short temper they may overreact causing havoc due to the anger that pile up within them. Therefore the computer with the fast internet connectivity would be a control for the main test. Guided by this approach, I would first test my client with the fast internet connectivity. Pay a keen watch on their reaction noting signs of contentment and a cheerful mood registering on their faces. This whole lot of body language would be a signal enough to yield to my conclusion that fast internet connectivity brings about contentment. However this will not be an ultimate conclusion until my client passes through final test of slow internet connectivity.
Slow internet connectivity to some people is a true test of patience. People have different reactions to it and may provoke a feeling of anger and hatred. But this may depend on various encounters a person has had in the past and the kind of environment where one grew up in. If an individual grew up in an environment that could not tolerate patience, then this trait would definitely come out when one is put in a test that triggers such. Therefore, I would be keen to note the reaction of my client when his/her patience is tried. Again focus would be on their body language which includes their facial expressions. These observations would be enough to draw a conclusion as to how behaviour impacts on someone’s personality. The results would prompt a study into the past of the client. It will be of interest to know the client grew up, the kind of situations he encountered and how they matter to him/her, the kind of people he/she interacted with in their process of growth and much more. All the traits to be analysed have to be associated with behavioural changes.
Well, my approach to my theory of personality has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. The therapeutic approach used will trigger emotions that would speak out the extent to which a person is able to tolerate patience. It is really for a person to conceal frustration. Personality gives...

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