My Personal Learning Style Essay

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My Personal Learning Assessment
Virginia Tucker
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February 26th, 2012
Deborah Hatfield

My Personal Learning Assessment
Many factors can affect a student’s ability to perform successfully in the classroom. One of these factors is his or her personal learning style. According to Howard Gardner, there are seven distinct learning styles (Gardner, 1985). The first of these styles is known as the “Verbal-Linguistic” Learner. A student with this type of learning style prefers to learn by using words and being vocal in class. He or she will use stories and enjoy question and answer sessions in class settings (Gardner, 1985). As with any learning style, there are problems that may ...view middle of the document...

Lack of communication with others in the classroom, including both other students and with the instructor.

2. Replacing traditional communication with email.

3. These learners spend a lot of time analyzing what they hear during a lesson before formulating an appropriate response. This could delay the lesson.

The third learning style is a “visual-spatial” learner. When thinking of this type of learner, think in terms of someone who uses physical space. For example, these learners would include individuals such as architects and sailors. These learners have a keen sense of awareness of his or her environment. They learn better through visual perception with such learning tools such as: diagrams, charts, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, 3D modeling, videoconferencing, television instruction, and so forth.
Just with the other learning styles mention, this learning style can also encounter difficulties within the classroom some of these difficulties may include:
1. These Individuals are Easily Distracted- Outside interference such as other students talking or other things going on inside the classroom may easily distract this type of learner from the lesson.

2. If Lesson is Not Visually Stimulating- If the lesson is not visually stimulating to the student, then they may not comprehend all of a verbal lecture for example.

The fourth learning style devised by Gardner was the “Body-Kinesthetic” learner (Gardner, 1985). A “Body-Kinesthetic” learner learns best by doing. They are usually good at physical activities and dance. These learners succeed by doing hands on activities. Also, they strive when manipulating items, doing simulations, role playing, and other methods that physically involve them in the learning process. They typically enjoy how to guides and action adventure type stories. Some “Body-Kinesthetic” learners may appear as fidgety to others, as they often cannot stand still. They often pace back and forth while doing tasks and must often take frequent study breaks when completing schoolwork.
Some difficulties that may arise with a “Body-Kinesthetic” learner may include:
1. Behavior Problems- Students with this learning style may exhibit disruptive or distracting behavior inside the classroom that may prove bothersome to other students in the class.

2. Learning Disorders- It is common for students with this learning style to having such learning disabilities as ADD, or Attention-Deficit Disorder.

3. Easily Distracted- Just as with the “visual-spatial” learner individuals with this type of learning style are more prone to becoming more easily distracted by outside noise in the classroom. This could be something as simple as conversations going on in the background between other students.

4. These Individuals Are Fidgety- Individuals with this learning style cannot sit still and must take frequent breaks when studying. They are constantly moving and find it impossible to stay in one spot for too long.


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