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My Once Upon A Friend Essay

581 words - 3 pages

The weather plays a large part in our life. Write a story where the weather changes a secure friendly setting and atmosphere into a worrying setting and atmosphere.

It was a fine peaceful Saturday evening. The sweet wind whistled softly. The trees were dancing to the rhythm of the breeze. Sitting in Sherwood Park, I silently watched the carefree, cheery families happy picnic on the soft green grass. Some little boys were also attempting to fly a kite: failing badly. The adults were laughing softly watching them. A small smile spread across my face. Everyone was so happy and peaceful. Except for me. I had been here for almost 1 hour waiting for my best friend, Chloe to show up. We were supposed to go shopping. It was taking her forever. I was now starting ...view middle of the document...

We were neighbors ever since. These new girls are ruining 13 years of great friendship. That really sucks! Doesn't it?
Tearing away from my deep thoughts, I suddenly realized that all the families and children were gone. Left here alone, I was sitting on the rusty old bench. Odd, it didn't look like this when I came here. I looked at my watch. It was 8pm. Now I knew that she wasn't coming. 8 hours had passed. i got up and wrapped my black coat around me hiding my new beautiful turquoise dress.
The winds rustled roughly through the cold stern night. This was the saddest day of my life. I knew I had lost my best friend and I also had no ride home. then an ice ticked through me. Maybe I can go the mall that is a few blocks away. I can then get a cab for their since its always really busy there. There must be cabs there.
Arriving at Saint Butchers Mall, i felt my stomach grumble in pain. Thats when I realized that I hand't eaten anything throughout the day. I decide to take a stroll through the mall. Making get an ice cream or a burger.After all I deserved all of that after all that happened today. I soon spotted ColdStone. I love that shop. It has the best ice cream in the world. I knew that was the only thing that would make we feel better, i orders a caramel, chocolate and vanilla mixed ice cream with mixtures of a snickers bar and brownies in it. I was delicious!
Suddenly, I saw a familiar hair color. I looked closer. Very familiar indeed. I only know one person with that hair color. CHLOE! What was she doing here. If she didn't come to me, at least she should have stayed home. No! She decided to ditch me and hang out with these wannabe people. I felt anger rising inside me rapidly. I had enough energy to punch her hard in the face breaking her nose. How dare she do this to me.

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