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My Little Bit Of Country Essay

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What lifestyle is contain as the ideal? Is living in the city the ideal lifestyle? Surrounded by people, tall buildings, electric generators noises and crowds. Alternatively, the country life, small society and an uncontrolled nature. It is impossible to conclude which one is the ideal lifestyle; it depends on how your habits are. All humans are different in a peculiar way. There are two types of people in the world. The people who likes the country life or the people who likes the city life. The essay “My little bit of Country” written by the American writer Susan Cheever, and was published in 2012 from the anthology Central Park. The story is about Susan ...view middle of the document...

Nevertheless, how does she argue for the fact that city life is better?

The main character is Susan Cheever; the story is about her life and her habits. We can assume that she is old now because she is married and have children. With the following chronologic structure in the story, which means we follow her from earliest memory and since she was a child to she is married and have children. We hear that her father came home from fighting World War 2, which means the time she was young must assume be around 1945, that is where the World War 2 ended. In the start where she tells about her earliest memory, is wrote in the past tense, later on when she is older, we hear the story in present. The narrator is herself Susan Cheever, first person narrator; we follow the story from Susan Cheever’s point of view. Which means she is the one guiding us through the story, and the magnificent wonderland, Central Park that she talks a lot about in the story. The language in the story is very lyric, the story flows very fresh and there is no slang in the text. It makes the time in the story long but the telling time is short, because we hear her whole life in one text. It makes the text leave out many details. However, she uses a lot of adjective, example like “One night the surface of the water heaved and buckled, and a turtle as big as a small car...” (P.10, li.278-280) because she uses many adjectives we can imagine the place for us. It makes the story more living and way more exciting. The story takes place in

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