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My First Impression Of Ethics And Morals

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The following excerpt was part of an essay where the professor wanted to know what we knew or thought we knew about ethics.
The definitions below are not all correct. I know this. This was just my first impression of the subject.

What is ethics? How do ethics affect me personally?

Ethics are rules set by society. To be a part of society and to be treated as an equal member of society, I would have to abide by ...view middle of the document...

For those who do not follow ethics of that society, society may cast those people down consequently.
Having grown up in a Christian family with great devotion and being instilled with Christian morals, there are times that my morals conflict with the ethics set by society and other times when ethics and morals agree with each other. Morals, in my opinion, are the principles that have been instilled in me by my parents and by my teachers and friends. One of those principles is “thou shall not kill.” Morally, I believe that as a human being, I do not have the right or power to kill someone or something because that is exclusively set for “God” to decide. I also know that if someone tries to harm my family or myself in any way, I have the right to defend myself, whether I defend with a bat, club, or even a gun. If I shoot someone to cripple the person, I had done so to defend myself and/or my family from harm. Morally, this would tear at my soul because I had to do something “God” gave that person since birth, but ethically, I had done the right thing for my family, my society and myself.

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