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My Deployment Essay

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Everyone has their own version of a good and bad trip. It’s always either you had a good trip or a bad trip, but never both. If you ever experience both, you have a bittersweet taste, kind of like that sweet and sour candy some of us used to eat as a kid that would make your mouth pucker uncontrollably. On this adventure, I had the pleasure of experiencing the good and bad, the fun and boredom, the gain of comrades and the loss of a friend.
Dating all the way back to March of 2008, my unit was preparing to hop on our one way ticket to the sand infested countries of the Middle East. Everyone began making their final calls before we got the command to move out. I was alone at the time. Single ...view middle of the document...

“EVERYONE READY?” said the soldier in charge of transporting us to our permanent station in the middle of BFE (Bum Freak Egypt). We all started loading up the two CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters with our equipment, weapons, and bodies in the dark of the night. Remember when I said the plane ride was bad? This was worse. It was so bumping, it felt like we were driving in a car that hit every pothole on the road. I didn’t care about the ride, because I was more worried about why the pilot had deployed flares from the back end of the helicopter. Came to find out that we were being shot at (here comes the awesome part). The pilot then relayed a message to the rear gunner of the Chinook, who without hesitation, moved to the other side of the helicopter, and picked up what looked like either a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon or a 240B machine gun and began firing in a vertical position from the end. My eyes lit up like a fat kid in the For the Love of Chocolate candy store. Once the adrenaline died down from all the excitement, we landed at our destination, unloaded our gear off of the helicopters and proceeded to move to our nice tents to rest for the night.
For the next 4-6 months we spent our time transitioning in to replace the previous unit. One infamous night, soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division were out on the porch of a man-made hut, which looked like something that would be featured on the DIY channel. My section leader and I were out there with them, silence was in the air, and then a flash filled the air followed by a loud BOOM. We looked at each other not knowing what the hell to do. They looked at us and simply said, “Outgoing.” We were ready to run to the nearest bunker.
Between months 7 and 12, I have been there long enough to not be afraid of anything that moves except camel spiders. Oh how I hate those things. For anyone in the audience who have a fear of spiders, these little gremlins will really bring it out of you. They can...

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