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Musical Essay

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School of Music Performance Series Autumn 2014

Greetings from the Director
Ladies and Gentlemen! On behalf of The Ohio State University School of Music, I am thrilled to announce, as our gift to Central Ohio and musiclovers everywhere (I’ve been waiting to say this for months!), cue timpani roll …

(With the exception of just a few premium concerts, noted throughout this brochure.) Our facility fund-raising New Day Initiative is well underway but there is no reason to wait for a new building, we’re making music now! We want you to come to a concert and find out why we are celebrating YOUR School of Music. Want to ...view middle of the document...

edu for the most up-to-date information.

Richard L. Blatti Director and Professor The Ohio State University School of Music



09 11

10 03
8 p.m. FRIDAY

Jazz at Mirror Lake
5:30 p.m.

09 15

Faculty Collage

Jazz Ensemble
8 p.m.

10 05

Jazz Lab Ensemble
3 p.m.




BROWNING AMPHITHEATRE Rain location: Weigel Hall at 7:30 p.m.

This annual concert is a showcase of chamber and solo performances by faculty artists in a unique collage setting

10 06

Faculty: Katherine Borst Jones, flute; Caroline Hartig, clarinet
8 p.m.

09 18

Jazz at Mirror Lake
5:30 p.m. Rain location: Weigel Hall at 7:30 p.m.



09 22

Kia-Hui Tan, violin
8 p.m. This final recital in the series of complete Bach sonatas and partitas, Paganini caprices, and Ysaÿe sonatas features contemporary works derived from Paganini’s 24th Caprice and Ysaÿe’s 6th Sonata, including Milstein’s Paganiniana! Katherine Borst Jones, flute, and Caroline Hartig, clarinet, perform duos by DeVoto, Larsen, Arnold and Szalowski in honor of their mentor and teacher, Professor emeritus Donald e. McGinnis, who will celebrate his 97th birthday on October 21. McGinnis once recorded a program of some of these works, where he played both instruments.


09 26

Symphony Orchestra
8 p.m.

09 30

Wind Symphony
8 p.m.

10 07

Jazz Workshop Ensemble
8 p.m.

10 08

Symphonic Band
8 p.m.





OCtOBER CONCeRTS Vocal Arts Showcase
10 10 10 11

10 20
FRIDAY SATURDAY 8 p.m. 4 p.m.

Faculty: James Hill, saxophone; Thomas Wells, piano
8 p.m.

Ohio State Choral Collage Vocal Arts Showcase Concert


The finest Ohio high school and community college singers join Ohio State choral and voice faculty and students for two days of music-making, with guest clinician Ryan Beeken, director of choral studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

10 13

Faculty: Scott McCoy, tenor
8 p.m. Scott McCoy presents Winterreise (A Winter’s Journey), by Franz Schubert. This profoundly moving song cycle will be performed in a semistaged production that includes multimedia projections. McCoy is joined by pianist Ryan Behan.


James Hill, saxophone, and Thomas Wells, piano, have performed together as Duo Contemporain for 35 years. At the 2006 national conference of the Society of Composers, Inc. they performed works by society members, including the world premiere of Andrew Norman's Garden of Follies, which will be featured on this program along with a diverse combination of traditional and contemporary works.

10 24

Symphony Orchestra
8 p.m.

10 Parent and Family 25 Weekend Concert

10 27 10 14

Collegiate Winds
8 p.m.

10 16

University Band
8 p.m.

Percussion Ensemble
8 p.m.



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