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Sharon Smith November 30, 2009
Favorite Artist Report Music Appreciation

Anita Baker was an only child born January 26, 1958 in Toledo, Ohio. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She was abandoned by her mother child and he was raised by foster parents. At the age of twelve she began singing in her church choir and at sixteen she started a local singing group with some of her high school friends. In 1975 she was approached by bass player David Washington of the group Chapter 8. She audition for the group, became a member and she spent the next few years playing in and ...view middle of the document...

The album contained seven songs she wrote by herself and most of them were recorded live. The album won her a seventh Grammy award, for Best R&B Female Performance.
On Christmas Eve 1988, Anita married Walter Bridgforth Jr, her boyfriend of two years that she met in her home of Detroit. She gave birth to her first son, Walter Baker Bridgforth in January 1993 and months later Anita started working on her next album, "Rhythm of Love “. She produced of the album and wrote five of the twelve songs on the album. The album was recorded in her home because she was expecting another child. After the birth of her second son, Edward Carlton Bridgforth in September 1994 the album was released. In 1995 she won Grammy number eight Grammy for the song "I Apologize".
Anita’s mother died in 1996 and her father died two years later. During this tragic time she, attempted to record and release a new album. Unfortunately, the tracks were damaged in the recording process and they could not be salvaged. Anita sued Elektra and later signed with Atlantic Records. Anita took time away from her career, to focus on her personal life. Finally, in 2004 Anita Baker released...

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