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Music Midterm Essay

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Casablanca is a film adaptation of Everybody Come to Rick’s and it is an immediate success after the release. Max Steiner’s music is a hero of the movie as it holds an important role in the entire movie and also helps reinforce Rick’s character. What is more significant in Casablanca is the source music. Source music is basically music that is in the film and can be heard by the characters themselves; it is part of the fictional setting. ...view middle of the document...

In Casablanca, source music helps to distinguish or pinpoint a scene. For example, American popular music is played when a scene is taking place in Rick’s Cafe but when a scene is happening at The Blue Parrot Cafe, Arabian music can be heard. "Marseillaise” is also played when there is a shift of setting to Paris. Source music also introduces the theme for this film. The song “As Time Goes By” is both the love theme for Rick and Ilsa and source music that is played in the background for many scenes. There is a part where Rick has a flashback to Paris and “As Time Goes By” is played by Sam on the piano. In addition to that, Sam’s singing can be heard during the flashback as well. In the same scene, Sam’s piano-playing reappears after the flashback. Source music is also used to complement the characters or moods. Since Casablanca is set during the time of war, cheerful American music is played to contradict the mood of desperate refugees. The singing competition between the Germans and French also display source music. The Germans are shown to be singing “Die Wacht am Rhein” out loud and proud when Laszlo joins in and leads "Marseillaise.”

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