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Music Genre Paper

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The genre of music is made up of many styles and forms that have been shared throughout cultures and traditions. Many styles have caught on quickly and are loved by many whereas others have been more controversial and caused differences among people. No matter what types of music one may listen to it is usually the beat and style that suits that person during that time in his or her life or the mood he or she are in at that moment. The melody and harmony interact to create a masterpiece for one’s ears.
The development of music was probably drum related instruments that someone started hitting that made beats and when different objects were hit there were different sounds made. “These ...view middle of the document...

Giovanni Battista Martini was the first known composer to publish Storia della musica (History of Music) some time between 1757 and 1781 (Martini, 2011).
The development and evolution of music is why there is such amazing music today with such a wide range of diversity of styles that one may take a liking too. There are traditions that have brought us every kind of music we know today. Even today, we still hear new styles every once and a while. The genres of music give each culture something to listen to as well as the development and evolution of new material as time passes. Lets take a closer peak at two different types of music genre, country and classical.
Characteristics of music include melodies combined to make up phrases within a composition; harmonies are a combination of chords and arpeggios; rhythm is the tempo played out in a certain speed; timbre defines the type of music whether it is instrumental or orchestral; and form when structured properly is what allows people to listen to the song. When combined these characteristics are put together they can create any type of music genre that one may be interested in listening too. If one would dissect any music piece, each of these characteristics could be easily depicted to him or her.
When thinking back on the characteristics of classical music there are many throughout this period. Classical music has melody’s that are catchy and easy to remember. Classical music is always symmetrical and most often made up of just two phrases. The music shifts smoothly and in a rhythmic manner that allows the movement to appear unchanging within the piece. Classical music also includes changes that allow sudden pauses and frequent syncopations with transitions of long and short notes within the same frame. Classical music is known for its sudden change in moods throughout a performed piece. Classical music was most popular during the depression, which would explain some of these drastic changes, and help one understand why and how the changes came about. Classical music was frequently original and written by the composer with his or hers own thoughts, feelings, and message included within. Concerts were performed as part of the classical era but many composers will say that the concert performed did not provide the social significance like the relationship with writing the music (Palmer, 2008).
Country music has catchy melodies that allow people to easily sing or dance along too. The history of country music is often said to be about failed love and loneliness. This is not always the case and a great deal of country music is about success and other stories. Most country music does tell a story within the lyrics, however. This is a distinct characteristic that sets country apart from other forms of music. There are also many instruments that can be implemented within country music but frequently the guitar is accompanying the voice of the singer. Country music has...

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