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Music For My Soul Essay

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Music For My Soul
Kaplan University

300-02 – Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond

Music For My Soul
Being from a family of many musicians and singers, music is a huge part of my life. It’s much more than a melody in my ear. It’s the movement of my body, ease of my mind, and thoughts I can only express through sweet, therapeutic sounds. Music is that “feeling” I get when I hear it. Through my childhood to adulthood, it still lives in me. Various genres of music have played important roles in my life. Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Rap/Hip Hop, Neo Soul, and Gospel have all conveyed emotions within me. Journey with me as I take a look back over my life and reminisce ...view middle of the document...

One song in particular made forget about the world around me, Vision of Love by Mariah Carey. This is one of the first songs I learned the words too. The tone of Mariah’s voice was so raspy, powerful, and mind-blowing. The music played was simple, yet memorable. As the song would play and Mariah began to sing, “Treated me kind, sweet destiny” (Lawrence, 1990, track 15) I fell into my own world and nothing else mattered. This is one of the first songs I learned the words to and I realized that songs have meaning. This song was released around a time I began to experience love. I began to reminisce over what I thought was the love of my life. I laugh about it now but it felt so good back then. R&B music became an expression of love and an escape of reality for me. Gospel music made me feel like no other genre could begin too. Through this music, I learned experienced the love of God. I remember my first solo, I Feel Like Praising Him by Shirley Caesar. This was the first time I sang publicly. I was nervous but once I closed my eyes, I forgot about an audience and sang my heart out. The music was upbeat and allowed me to do the two things I love… sing and dance. I sang and rocked back and forth to rhythm of the beat. This song meant a lot to me because through it I realized the power of God. For the first time, I understood why older people would have such joy in church.
As an adolescent, I still listened to R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, and Gospel music, but the music became even more meaningful in my life. I began to listen to Rap/Hip Hop and understand the message behind it. Brenda’s Got A Baby by 2 Pac. This is first song I learned to words too. The rhythm of the music was not as upbeat, and the words were clear and easy to understand. The verse started as, “Brenda’s got a baby, but Brenda’s barely got a brain” (Evans, 1997, track B2). It described a 15 years old girl having a baby, living in a bad neighborhood, and no education. It went ahead and explained how it affects the community and our society. I learned a huge lesson about teen pregnancy from the song. The more I listened to it, the more educated I became of this topic. I remember feeling bad for the young teen because she had no guidance from anyone. The music playing was mellow and allowed me to visualize myself in her shoes. I also listened to Rap music that allowed me to release any type of ill feelings I had towards someone. The beat would be hard and it allowed me to release anger and express my inner feelings that may never been able to express. R&B became much important to me because I related to this genre of much more. The messages in songs became my emotions conveyed through melody....

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