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Multitasking Essay

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William Payton May
English 12
Mrs. Goins
December 11, 2015
There are millions of people who multitask every day. Some of these activities may consist of eating breakfast while watching the news or playing video games and talking on the phone. Every day that goes by technology grows more advanced. Multitasking is something that is done worldwide and is normally looked at as something that has only negative effects on us humans and our bodies. There are also studies that bring out good results from multitasking. All in all people need to continue to research multitasking, it definitely has its ...view middle of the document...

Recently, the harmful side effects of multitasking have surfaced. The main so called negatives relate to instant messaging, music, web surfing, e-mail, online videos, games or social network. Research has showed multitasking can cause damages during certain mental tasks involving task switching, attention, and memory, both in the laboratory and in real-life situations. This type of impairment may be due to the fact that multitaskers pay attention to numerous sources of information available around them, without sufficient focus on the information in front of them.
Although multitasking is frowned upon today, many of us are multitasking right now and don’t even know it. New research shows that we humans aren't as good as we think we are at doing more than one thing at once. But it also highlights a human skill that gave us a new edge. Humans, they say, don't do lots of things simultaneously. Instead, we switch our attention from task to task very rapidly. There are several reasons the brain has to switch among tasks. One is that similar tasks compete to use the same part of the brain. Researchers say they can actually see the brain struggling And now they're trying to figure out the details of what's going on. keeping track of all those things wouldn't be possible without the executive system in our frontal lobes.

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