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Mr Taylor Essay

2371 words - 10 pages

Name: Roy Taylor

Student No: 511387

Course PDM P/T 2010/2011
Subject: Industrial Relations part of HRM
Individual assignment 1

Question 1

The 3 labour laws I will be discussing for this question are:

1: Everyone has the right to fair labour practices
2: Every worker has the right to
* join and form a trade union
* to participate in the activities of the trade union
* Strike.
3: Every employer has the right to
* join an employer’s organization
* Participate in the activities and programs of the organization.

The right that everyone has to fair labour practices helps by protecting the employee against unfair acts/omission between an ...view middle of the document...


Other disciplinary action short of dismissal:

Warnings – for instance giving final warnings where there was no reason.
Transfer – for instance unreasonably expecting some employees to accept a transfer as alternative to dismissal.

Reduction in salary or wages – for instance unilaterally (without consulting with employees) decreasing salaries.

Disciplinary proceedings – for instance by taking disciplinary steps, such as a disciplinary hearing without cause.

The right that every worker has to join a trade union and to participate in the activities of the trade union which benefits the employee in a number of ways including -

1: being that the employee has greater bargaining power because as an individual, the employee has very little bargaining power as compared to that of his employer. If he is not satisfied with the wage and other conditions of employment, he has the option to resign from his position. It is not a good thing for an employee to resign every time if he or she is unhappy with their current situation, as this has the ability to place additional financial as well as emotional burden upon the worker. A more advisable option would be to for him/her to join a trade union that can take concerted action against the employer. The threat or actuality of a strike by a union is a powerful tool that often causes the employer to accept the demands of the workers for better conditions of employment.

2: One can minimize discrimination meaning that when it comes to decisions over pay, work, transfers and promotions, there are sometimes chances of favouritism and therefore the unions can assist management in putting together policies that push for equality of treatment to minimize such discrimination.

3: The employee feels a sense of participation meaning that they personally feel as though they are assisting in the influencing of the decision between the union and management.

4: The employees feel a sense of belonging and they feel they gain respect from fellow workers and that they can discuss their problems with the trade union leaders.

5: It provides a platform for self expression meaning that the employee can provide such a forum where the feelings, ideas and opinions of the workers can be discussed. It can also transmit the feelings, ideas, opinions and complaints of the workers to the management. The collective voice of the workers is heard by the management and give due consideration while taking policy decisions by the management.

6: It also helps to better the relationships between employees and employers and to solve problems peacefully.

The employer that joins an employer organisation has the following rights

1 : All employers have a right to form an employers’ organisation, or to join an employer’s organisation and can take part in lawful employers’ organisation activities and will be protected from anyone who discriminates against them because of their members or their...

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