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Mr Alex Essay

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Fill in the Blank

1. Windows Easy Transfer supports two types of migrations, called Side by Side and Wipe and Load?

2. When a serious problem occurs with Windows 7, you might be able to repair it by starting the Windows PE operating system and running diagnostic tools, in this scenario, Windows PE is called by another name, which is:

Windows RE (Windows Recovery Environment) - name given to a Windows PE on a computer with Windows 7 already installed.

3. To migrate use profile information from one computer to another, you can use either Windows Easy Transfer - GUI or User State Migration Tool (USMT) – Command Line Interface

4. A computer running Windows PE will automatically reboot after 72 Hours

5. Windows Easy Transfer supports migration using any removable storage medium common to the two computers except Floppy Disks – They have insufficient capacity.

6. The Windows 7 component that enables the computer to support more than one language is ...view middle of the document...

Windows PE is the latest version of the MS-DOS operating system.

2. It is possible to perform an in-place upgrade from any 32-bit version of Windows Vista to the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

3. To create a dual boot environment with Windows 7, you must have two primary partitions on your computer.

4. Windows 7 Home Premium users can perform in-place upgrades to Windows 7 Professional without obtaining a new installation disk.

5. One way to perform an in-place upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is to boot from the Windows 7 installation disk, choose the Custom option, and then select the partition on which Windows Vista is installed.

6. To create a Windows 7 workstation that supports multiple languages, you must begin by installing the English language version.

7. It is not possible to “upgrade” a computer running the Windows 7 Ultimate edition to the Enterprise edition without performing a clean installation.

8. Windows XP users are eligible to purchase an upgrade version of Windows 7, but they cannot perform an in-place upgrade.

9. To migrate the user profiles of multiple user accounts located in the same computer you must use the User State Migration Tool.

10. Any program that can run on Windows 7 can run on Windows PE.

Review Questions

1. Give two detailed reasons why Windows PE is a better installation environment for Windows 7 than MS-DOS.
     a. Native 32-bit and 64-bit support. (Enables the computer to address memory just as the full Windows 7 operating system does.) MS-DOS is a 16-bit OS and is relatively limited in its memory addressing capabilities.
     b. Internal NTFS Support. (Supports both NTFS and FAT file systems) MS-DOS supports FAT file system.

2. Explain the difference between a side-by –side migration and a wipe-and-load migration using Windows Easy Transfer.
     a. Side-by-side migration - Uses a USB cable or network media to transfer files directly from the old machine to the new machine.
     b. Wipe-and-Load – Uses an external storage device to transfer the files to for temporary storage. Perform a clean install of Windows 7. Connect external storage device after clean install and transfer the files and settings from the external device back to the computer.

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