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Movie Review

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As the film moves on we see a turning pint for Coach Dale. After an unsuccessful first part of the season, there is a community wide petition being passed around with a referendum to remove him as coach. At this meeting it was almost certain that the coach would be fired until Jimmy showed up. Jimmy gave the community an ultimatum “I play coach stays, coach goes I go,” and ultimately the coach was voted to stay. From there the team started to gel and both the players and the community started to believe in the coach. The team goes on to make the playoffs and eventually win states and be the Cinderella story, a small town school goes up against the big boys to win the Indiana state basketball championship, a David vs. Goliath story. I believe ...view middle of the document...

The next major character was Myra Fleener, a fellow school teacher that looked after Jimmy and did not treat Norm very well at first. She eventually respects him and believes in the coach and they form a relationship. The third major character in the movie was Shooter, a drunk father to one of the players. Norm took him under his wing and built up his confidence and helped him to get sober. The fourth major character in this movie I felt was Jimmy Chipwood. Yeah, he didn’t say much throughout the movie, but he was a major theme in the movie and was seen throughout it. Jimmy was the star player who decided not to play at first but eventually did and was the reason why the team won. The final character in the movie was actually a group of individuals in my opinion, the other members of the basketball team. Together they played one common role to learn to change their attitude and grow with the coach.

The Major Conflicts between Characters

The first major conflict was depicted between Coach Norman Dale and Myra Fleener. Myra was very cold to Coach Dale, the new basketball coach, when he first arrived. She advised him to stay away from Jimmy and felt he ended up there for a reason other than coaching. He was either running away from something or had no where else to go. For Jimmy, she didn’t believe basketball was the way out of this small town, a good education was, and she didn’t want Norm keeping him from that. Coach Dale restrained form retaliating at this criticism and actually accommodated Myra by granting her wishes and not trying to persuade Jimmy into playing. I think it was his philosophy all along, regardless if she said anything about Jimmy, he felt no individual was greater than the whole.

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