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Movie Essay

710 words - 3 pages

Maryam Poostchi


My decision to chase a dream, return to college at age 41, and take the English courses that will help me become a pharmacist, hasn’t forced me to be two people compared to John Gonzales’ situation. Actually, this decision helped me to have a better communication with my family and they support me very well. Also this decision helped me to communicate better with some of my friends.
My oldest daughter is going to college. I remember when I was trying to ask her something about her college or classes she tried to ignore me. That time I got very mad at her because she didn’t want to answer me. I didn’t know she didn’t want to answer me because she was thinking it’s wasting time to talk about school with me. When I started the school then she explained to me that I wouldn’t understand it, if she explained anything about school. She explained that she is very happy now because she can talk ...view middle of the document...

We usually discuss everything about our education and school. Sometimes she asks me about the English grammar, which makes me very satisfied. I remember before I started school she never asked me anything about English because she knew I didn’t know any grammar rules. That time I could speak English not very well, but I didn’t have any English literacy.
Also my husband graduated from the university of Iran and his major was business. He has been living in United States for almost thirty years and of course his English is very better than me. It is very clear that his education is higher than my education too. So I believe that we can have better communication with having same educational level. Before I never had good feeling about this situation because we were living in two different world. That is why he has been helping me to continue my education. Of course it is one of the reasons that he supports me all the time. He helps me for shopping and cooking and almost everything then I have enough time to study. I talked about my family and now you can see difference between my life and John Gonzales’s life.
I want to talk about my friends. I have so many American friends because I work at Starbucks. Before I started the school I have a lot of problems about communicate with them because of my English language. Since I started school I have better communication with my friends because they can understand me very well. It is very interesting that they tell me my English become much better than before, which give me more confidence. So collage brought me a better life and solved a lot of my problems compered to John Gonzales.
In general John Gonzales never received any support from his family compere to my family. Going to college and continuing my education was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because in fact it was the reason that I become more close to my family. They proud of me so much now and always encourage me to continue my education. Actually my situation compered to John Gonzales’ situation is very better because I become more close to my family and that makes me so happy. Learning to speak English fluently is the way to achieve my dream. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. I won’t let anything get in my way of my education because it’s never too late.

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