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Motivations In Advertising Essay

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Motivations in Advertising
By: Janice Foley

As we all know, advertisements are everywhere. Billboards, radio, television, on Social Media and even on vehicles. I have always kept an eye on Mcdonald’s commercials. McDonald’s, even though it is not very healthy for anyone, chooses great ways to advertise. They sometimes advertise commercials catering to people who eat salads, and want to eat healthy. Also, they advertise Happy Meals for the children. When they are advertising the happy meals, they bring out their famous Character, Ronald McDonald. He is sure to grab every kids attention. Next, they play some good music during the commercials and use vivid colors. This also grabs the attention of children. Lastly, they show what new ...view middle of the document...

Even though the food is not good for anyone that consumes it in mass quantities, they want you to visit. Children are the easiest target for these types of places. The child sees the new toys that they have, they want it, they cry, scream and beg until the parent gives into them and they end up playing at play land and ultimately forgetting the toy that they so desperately wanted. Also, from time to time, they advertise games. Such as Monopoly. Promising that someone is going to walk away a millionaire if they collect enough of the right pieces. This means, people will go to the establishment more often than normal, spend money that they probably do not really have to spend, and eat things that they really should not eat.

When offering a healthier option, they go for things such as soothing relaxing music, usually a fit person who is exercising, and whatever produce and fruit is in season at the time. All of this is well and good, however, they do not draw as much attention as they do when they are advertising for children. Very seldom do I see a commercial for McDonald’s that is about healthy eating and eating right. In fact, most of the time, I see everything opposite of that. I am not saying McDonald’s is the only place to do this, but they are the most popular.

To me, these commercials are all about incentive. Give the people what they want and they will be coming back for me all the time. The children get what they want, the toy, and healthy adults get what they want, a nice salad. Their instinct is to prey on the easiest target, which would be children. Their drive that they have would be the amount of money that they bring in, and the amount of money they will potentially lose if they lose a lot of customers because they are “behind on the times”.

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