Motivational Methods Essay

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Motivational Methods
Sahar Rizvi
April 09, 2012
Joan Ralph Webber

Motivational Methods
Every organization strives for the best outcomes from the resources available. Human power can be a substantial resource for any organization in form of its employees. A wise manager always tries to acquire the best outcomes from all the resources available to the organization. In order to accomplish best results from the employees, it is very important to keep them motivated. On the website of Reference for Business – Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. in the article Employee Motivation it is stated that, “Employee motivation is the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a ...view middle of the document...

When the Job Enlargement is used, one employee is given some extra work responsibilities. That can encourage the employee to work harder and adduce better services to the organization. This way the employees get a chance of being more creative, more responsible and they can express their hidden talents and abilities. On the website of Hub-Pages an article Methods and Techniques for Motivating Employees discusses the same fact and says, “Job enlargement is a motivation technique used for employees that perform very few and simple tasks. Job enlargement increases the number and variety of tasks that the employee performs, resulting in a feeling of importance”.
I would use the job enlargement in my organization and give every employee some extra responsibilities. I would let everyone handle more job tasks and it will help my employees show their bountiful abilities in other job areas as well in addition to their routine work. Accomplishing more work responsibilities with perfection would build up more determination in my employees and they would have more faith in themselves and confidence in their abilities.
Setting up some job-specific goals with awarded incentives can also be a wonderful technique for motivation of the employees in an organization. When the employees are given some goals and incentives are promised at the accomplishment of these goals, they feel more convinced and actuated towards the job tasks assigned to them. On the website of Reference for Business – Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. the article Employee Motivation talks about goals and their accomplishment, “It must allow a worker to feel personally responsible for a meaningful portion of the work accomplished”.
I would set goals for the employees periodically. They would be given certain goals to accomplish within a specific time period. I would make sure that all the goals are well-defined and the employees understand well what they are supposed to do and how. The employees would be provided with all the facilities necessary to accomplish their goals successfully. Also, I would propound specific incentives for the accomplishment of the goals.
Another very effective technique of motivation is “Appreciation”. It is very natural for human beings that they feel high in morale when their achievements and considered and their hard work is praised. On the website of Reference for Business – Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. in the article Employee Motivation it is stated that, “Managers, who recognize the "small wins" of employees, promote participatory environments, and treat employees with fairness and respect will find their employees to be more highly motivated”.
I would make sure that I count each and every big and small achievement of every employee. That would make the employees determined to keep up the good work. When the employees would see that their work is being recognized and they are receiving good feedback and promised incentives, they would persist working...

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