Motivation, Stress, And Communication Essay

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Motivation, Stress, and Communication
Brandi Hancock
Organizational Behavior Bus 520
February 10 2012
Dr. Lila Jordan

Motivation, Stress, and Communication

In the paper discussed will be a description of a chosen position with a desired company. Described will be ways that goal setting could be used to motivate performance after filling a position. In the paper analyzed will be the reactions to situations and discussed will be the steps that can be taken to manage the stress associated with the new position. Presented will be how to address nonverbal and cultural barriers to communication. The company researched will be Lincoln Financial Group which is a diversified financial ...view middle of the document...

d.) ].
* Translate business strategy and objectives into goal, plans and tactics that are aligned with business imperatives, while assuring compatibility with enterprise values, ethics and policy.
* Requires a Bachelor’s degree, and at least 5 years of progressive HR experience required. 1-2 years of Human Resource Generalist experience in a large corporation required [ (Lincoln Financial Group , n.d.) ].

Goal Settings
Goal Setting is common strategies that are used by people to increase motivation. The theory behind goal setting is to enhance the sense of belonging to organization [ (Goal Setting As a Motivation Tool in the Workplace , n.d.) ]. Goals are an interactive way for employees to participate in their own productivity, and establish a sense of independence [ (Goal Setting As a Motivation Tool in the Workplace , n.d.) ]. By developing an objective people can feel like they have a sense of control and leadership [ (Goal Setting As a Motivation Tool in the Workplace , n.d.) ]. By strategizing your goals it will help to meet target goals which can be motivating to a new employee [ (Goal Setting As a Motivation Tool in the Workplace , n.d.) ]. If an employee sets a goal strategies it will help develop a sense of ownership and enhance the motivation of the position [ (Goal Setting As a Motivation Tool in the Workplace , n.d.) ]. Also another good way of goal setting is writing down your goals. Writing down your goals helps to create your roadmap to success [ (Powerful Written Goals In 7 Essays, n.d.) ]. Although writing your goals down can set them in motion, it is also extremely important to review your goals frequently. The more you focus on your goals the more likely you are to accomplish them (Powerful Written Goals In 7 Essays, n.d.).

Managing Stress
Stress is a term that is commonly used today but has become increasingly difficult to define. It shares, to some extent, common meaning in both the biological and psychological sciences. Stress typically describes a negative concept that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being [ (Strees ( biology), n.d.) ]. From personal experience stress is something that is pretty normal in the workplace, throughout time learning how to better communicate has been very helpful. It helps to ease and improve your relationships with your customers, managers, and coworkers. It’s not uncommon to experience stress when starting a new job, because of the familiarity and the pressure to do well, but it’s important that you learn how to keep this under control so it doesn’t become serious and have a detrimental effect on your overall health and well being [ (How to Deal with New Job Stress, n.d.) ].
There are a variety of steps that can be taken to reduce both overall stress levels and the stress you find on the job in the workplace includes [ (How to Reduce and Manage Workplace and Job Stress, n.d.) ]:
* Taking Responsibilities- improving your...

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