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Motivation And Performance Management Essay

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Motivation and Performance Management
Tanya Cavaleri
Kristian N. Morales, MBA
August 1, 2015

“We find on Glassdoor that a strong leader is often one who has the ability to clearly communicate the vision for the company and who helps employees see how their work connects to the big picture.” (Howard Schultz) Motivation and commitment in the organization play a fundamental part in any business. Establishing an organization based on these components allows the organization to grow and maintain strong employees. Starbucks has been successful at this since first opening their doors. The organization has superior ...view middle of the document...

Its leadership style and goal setting influence the organizational communication of the company that allows its employees to feel empowered to be a partner of the company not just an employee. With goal-setting, employees are aware of the detailed goals of the company, making them more attainable rather than an objective that may never be reached. In Starbucks mission statement specifies goals have laid out for all their employees (1) coffee will always be about quality, ethically sourcing the finest coffee and improving the lives of those who grow the beans; (2) employees “partners” hold each other to a standard of respect and dignity, because it’s not just a job; (3) connect, laugh and uplift the lives their customer. It’s more than a perfect beverage it’s a human connection; (4) their stores become a haven, a break from worries; (5) being good neighbors is serious, we want to be invited wherever we do business and (6) that shareholders are enjoying the rewards of the company.
Organizational commitment and job satisfaction are closely related in Starbucks. Employees feel like a member of an elite group where their voices and ideas are heard. Motivational theory in an organization has to do with the way...

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